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Bang! is a Spaghetti Western-themed social deduction card game designed by Emiliano Sciarra and released by Italian publisher DV Giochi in 2002. In 2004, Bang! won the Origins Award for Best Traditional Card Game of 2003 and Best Graphic Design of a Card Game or Expansion.

The game is played by four to seven players (four to eight players with variants and expansions). Each player takes one of the following roles, which are dealt face-down to each player.

Sheriff (always one)
Deputy (between zero and two)
Outlaw (between two and three)
Renegade (one in the base game, expansions can add an extra one)
Each player also receives a unique character card with special abilities and a certain number of ‘bullets’, representing their lives.

The objective of the game is different for every role:

The Outlaws must kill the Sheriff;
The Sheriff and the Deputies must kill the Outlaws and the Renegade(s);
Each Renegade’s objective is to be the last player in play. The Renegade(s) must kill all the players with the sheriff being the last one dead.


Three beloved expansions – crazy, unpredictable, and brutal – in one pack! Ambushes, tornadoes, snakes, and ghost towns are just some of the ingredients that will fire up your games of BANG!, the world’s best-seller Wild West game. It includes High Noon and A Fistful of Cards, Wild West Show, and The Valley of Shadows.

Attention: you need to own the base game to play this expansion.


Bang! Expansion Pack
Bang! Expansion Pack: High Noon/A Fistful of Cards combines two small expansions in one box. BANG! High Noon consists of thirteen cards, with twelve being shuffled and the “High Noon” card placed on the bottom of the deck. At the start of each of his turns, the Sheriff reveals a new card which every player must obey for the entire turn. For “Hangover”, all characters lose their special abilities, while with “Blessing” the suit of every card becomes Hearts, meaning that Barrels always work and Dynamite never explodes. Even if you’ve been killed and are out of the game, you can step back into play during “Ghost Town” and try to win. The pack functions similarly to High Noon with fifteen cards, fourteen of which are shuffled at random into a deck with the final card being “A Fistful of Cards”, which has players facing a number of Bang!s each turn equal to the number of cards in hand.

Bang! Expansion Pack: Wild West Show! is “a little double-faced expansion that contains eight VERY wild new characters, like one that draws cards from the other players hands instead of the deck, one with 9 life points who cannot use Missed! cards, [and] one that “draws” when it’s killed and stays alive if you do not draw Spades, ’cause you need a Spade to bury him!, [plus] a set of cards that come in play when you play a Wells Fargo and change the rules of the game until they are discarded… [and] craaaaazy cards, like the Wild West Show that lets you play Missed! cards as BANG!s and vice versa, [and] one that lets you swap your position with another player at the table…”

Bang! Expansion Pack: The Valley of Shadows
is an expansion for the BANG! card game that includes eight new characters as well as rattlesnakes, tornadoes, ruthless “bandidos” and other threats for those fearless gunslingers who would dare enter the Valley of Shadows.

The cards in BANG! The Valley of Shadows are based on submissions from players in the Czech Republic, with design help from BANG! author Emiliano Sciarra.


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